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In 1976, the Scorpions released Virgin Killer , the album cover of which featured a nude prepubescent girl behind a broken pane of glass. The cover art was designed by Stefan Bohle who was the product manager for RCA Records , [23] their label at the time. The cover brought the band considerable market exposure but was subsequently pulled or replaced in other countries. The album itself garnered widespread praise for its music from select critics and fan base. In 2008, the cover art on the English Wikipedia was blacklisted by the Internet Watch Foundation .

Eileen Fogarty & the Verybest create a fun, energetic and party atmosphere at every event. With over 10 years of experience, the EFVB Band know how to use their creativity & expertise in making every occasion specifically designed for each individual event. With their different vocal styles and wide variety of music, come check out why people call them the VERYBEST!

Some managers in Europe soon created their own acts after being inspired by New Kids on the Block . First beginning with Nigel Martin-Smith 's Take That in the UK who formed in 1990 and followed by Tom Watkins who had success with Bros in the late eighties and formed East 17 in 1991 who were marketed and pitted against Take That as rivals with a harsher attitude, style and sound. Since reforming after a decade-long hiatus, Take That have become one of the most successful groups in British music chart history. Irish music manager Louis Walsh , who had witnessed the impact of these British boy bands, put out an advert for an 'Irish Take That' thereby creating Boyzone in 1993. Let Loose formed in 1993, MN8 and 911 formed in 1995, and Damage formed in 1996 were also boy bands who enjoyed success in Britain; however by the late 1990s all these bands had run their course and split up.

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. And while the current events of today may show us many upsets, it is our choice how we respond or react. To truly attain world peace we must first achieve our own inward peace. Peace in our own skin. Peace in our minds. Peace in our hearts. Peace in our

The Band - The Very Best The Band Album EverThe Band - The Very Best The Band Album EverThe Band - The Very Best The Band Album EverThe Band - The Very Best The Band Album Ever