David datunashvili - composure

Make cakes and invite some friends over. Ask them to give you their sincere opinion on the cakes. Ask them to be cruel and judgmental and to point out every single flaw in your cake. Don’t be offended by this, it is the best way to correct your mistakes.

Positions Hi-Lo : [Pos-EBF] stockiest, leanest
Positions Hi-Lo : [Pos-HEIGHT] tallest, shortest
Positions Hi-Lo : [Pos-WEIGHT] heaviest, lightest.

Outside its wineries, Kakheti has a sense of buoyant chaos. One afternoon, I took a walk to find one of the centuries-old monasteries that dot the province. Along the single provincial highway, lined with walnut trees and the odd Soviet memorial to World War II, black-clad women sold homemade honey and unherded cows held up traffic. When I found myself lost in a forest thick with butterflies, I came across an old man, his arms full of fresh-gathered mushrooms, who insisted he knew the way. He didn’t. But as I forged on I noticed a mossy stone wall. Behind it stood a tiny Medieval chapel. No plaque, no people. Only the insistent buzzing of bees.

 · There are a lot of women out there who think they could earn extra money by selling the cakes they make. Some of them are right, while others are totally ...

David Datunashvili - ComposureDavid Datunashvili - ComposureDavid Datunashvili - ComposureDavid Datunashvili - Composure