Kyle pound - spicy stuff

This combo has the most diverse stuff in any "combo" i've ever had. This combo included Bulgogi and rice, but also a salad, an amazing chicken wing and two pieces of fried...cheese, i think it was, but whatever it was, it was excellent.

The portion in this combo is huge. Imagine your typical 3 pocket foam container. The largest pocket (1/2 of the box) was split equally with rice and bulgogi. That's a lot of bulgogi for a meal.

All of the components were delicious. The salad came with a yogurt dressing which gave it a creamy gingery taste. I don't like ginger, but this was tasty. The chicken wing was a spicy and sweet and the bulgogi was tender and delicious. Would definitely do this truck again

It is one of the most scrumptious pieces of meat I have ever tasted and I think it has the potential to create quite a few brisket lovers.

Kyle Pound - Spicy StuffKyle Pound - Spicy Stuff