Noir noir - black curtain

Getting mugged restores a sharp-dressed man's memory, but not that he's wanted for murder, nor that 3 years have passed. It's 1 AM, but Phil Townsend believes he's en route to his wedding. His face bursts from the front page as Dave Webber, dressed-to-kill bodyguard for a gangland mouthpiece. The compassionate taxi driver who rescued Phil from the Bowery alley, drives him to Phil's fiancée's new address, where Virginia answers the door clutching her newborn. She's terrified that her former love, now a fugitive, is there, fearing her abusive husband will assume the worst. When gentle, reliable Phil didn't show for the ceremony, the distraught young woman hired a PI to find him. Phil's horrified when Virginia tells him she's now married to the gumshoe. Written by David Stevens

Noir Noir - Black CurtainNoir Noir - Black CurtainNoir Noir - Black CurtainNoir Noir - Black Curtain