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These experiences of the theater should be remembered by new generations, especially since the theater and how it is performed and perceived is constantly evolving. We will NEVER see that kind of theater and dedication to a particular role ever again. I want the legacy of ALL of the players both on and off-stage to be remembered. I feel on some cosmic level that My goal is to carry carry that mantle forward to future artists and theater-goers alike.

I love living in Rockport. The people are friendly, creative, down to earth and a huge part of what makes this charming town so special. The beauty of the area is breathtaking, and for me, a steady source of calm and inspiration.

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The show was rehearsed each day until its two Friday tapings. Differently colored cue cards (black, blue, green, and red) were used for each major performer ("Carol Burnett: Bump-Up the Lights"). The second taping was fairly routine until Tim Conway came aboard as a guest star. As a recurring guest star from the show's launch and later a regular cast member, Conway provided unrehearsed bits to sketches that became known to the staff as "Conway's Capers". Conway would play the first taping straight, but (if the sketch had played well in the first taping, and could be printed) would ad-lib bizarre scenarios during the second. Some notable clips included Conway as a Nazi interrogator berating an American captive (Lyle Waggoner). Using a Hitler puppet and a pencil as a "club", Conway sang three verses of " I've Been Working on the Railroad " as Waggoner tried in vain to ignore him. Some, like the Hitler puppet, made it into the final broadcast; others, like a notably convoluted story about Siamese elephants joined at the trunk (ad-libbed during a 1977 "Mama's Family" sketch), were edited, the uncensored version only appearing years later on CBS specials. Conway's favorite victim was Harvey Korman, who often broke character reacting to Conway's zaniness, such as when Conway played a dentist misusing Novocain or the recurring role of "The Oldest Man" – an elderly, shuffling, senile man who slowly rolled down stairways and fell prey to various mechanical mishaps (including an electric wheelchair and an automated dry-cleaning rack).

Viewers of the ITV series were left fuming over the celebrities lack of support for their fellow campmate and took to Twitter to accuse them of "bullying" . 

In 1986, Cleveland played an American television journalist in Only Fools and Horses , in the episode " The Miracle of Peckham "; then in 1995, Cleveland had a small cameo in a sketch within Fist of Fun , a BBC comedy show featuring Stewart Lee and Richard Herring .

I had a fellowship, and I got a job to teach at college level. I had four courses at the University of Detroit. I had never taught before and was amazed that I had been hired to teach four courses without having taught before. That was very nice of these people to hire me. I came into the classroom, and there were about 40 students. It was a night class. And I had been very excited and really frightened because I had never taught before. And I remember walking in the room, and I came to the podium and I looked out and some of these students were older than I was – I was only about 22. Such a feeling of happiness came over me. I thought, “This is where I belong.” Then I started teaching, and I just loved it. I can’t imagine where I got that confidence. If I had been very nervous, I would have been quite comprehensible. What seems surprising to me was that I wasn’t really nervous, and that I loved it. And I felt so happy. So I always feel very happy teaching. A wave of happiness comes over me in the classroom.

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Carol Lee Carol I’m Your LadyCarol Lee Carol I’m Your LadyCarol Lee Carol I’m Your LadyCarol Lee Carol I’m Your Lady