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 · In an interview with USA Today’s Jarrett Bell, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman shared his thoughts on Ravens’ owner Steve Bisciotti wringing his ...

I thank you for considering this my dear brethren and I thank you for your prayers. I also pray to the Lord that He may find it in His mercy to put His name upon the lips of those perishing so that they may call upon the name of the Lord (Jesus) and be saved. May God bless you and your families.

In 2014, Loyola University Chicago — a Catholic institution — christened a new pagan student club. Also that year, the University of Washington’s student newspaper launched a column dedicated to delving into Wiccanism.

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This broad-based website, covering anything and everything, but designed for the times and with a particular focus, features a light-hearted section, a secular-generic section, and a religious section.
However, don't forget the introduction on my poem list page with its special features found by scrolling down.
Here on my website, you will not only find poetry, (the main meal), but prose and articles. Such all being largely issue based, and such all being part and parcel of my personal journey, and thereby, a cathartic exercise, a collage, a kaleidoscope of thoughts, concerns, musings, views, beliefs and experiences.
A nd all being my very own work, except where I have stated otherwise, and hopefully I've not overlooked anything or anyone given how in certain places I have drawn from books and articles here and there, sometimes borrowing thoughts along the way, and given how some things simply get lost in time .
By the way, rather than my name, I sometimes put Author under my work; though having said that, I don't always place my name, (or put Author), under everything I do, and therefore, it may be better to check such with me should you want to use something.
Please bear in mind that my journey hasn’t ended, and that as a consequence, I’m still stumbling, still making mistakes, and thus continuing to learn and grow just like everyone else. Therefore, if I have erred in any way, I ask your forgiveness in advance. However, it should always be kept in mind that both this website and its content have primarily been designed to provoke thought that might not otherwise be forthcoming, and hence the warning that's in red just below.
For light-hearted poems, just go straight to my light-hearted section . Yes, I do have a good sense of humour despite the more serious nature of my website's mission.

Please bear in mind that the material on this website is often confronting, that personal expression is exactly that, and that it's your choice whether to continue further or not. But having said that, this website contains no inappropriate content but simply communication that is straight, open, honest and sincere, with no disrepect or injury of any kind intended...

Though a Christian, I can understand people veering away from Christianity given the sad behaviour coming from many Christians (or those who call themselves Christians) and given the nonsense, error and ills that are coming from certain quarters of Christendom. Therefore, lest people throw the baby out with the bath water, I have tried to address this very sad state of affairs via my secular page "I Saw Beyond It All" and via my secular page "Apologetics," and this, given that my website (though a broad based one) does include Christian material. Though I have tried to place the secular and religious in their respective departments, it has been hard to totally separate both given the nature of my poetic mission , and therefore you will no doubt encounter some connections or crossing over, and why I only think it's fair to warn you about this too.

Is it because of pressure from NATO, of which Turkey is a key member, or from the EU, which Turkey is longing to join, that caused Erdogan and his ministers to relent? Or is it because of Jewish control of Turkey’s military establishment which essentially runs the country?

Popes On Dope - More Fun Than A Sunday Afternoon DrunkPopes On Dope - More Fun Than A Sunday Afternoon Drunk