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We’re super excited to announce Delaney King as our final NZGDC17 Keynote speaker! In her 20 years as a video game artist she has racked up an impressive list of AAA credits.  Her creatures and characters appear in Dragonage:Origins, Unreal Tournament 04, Stormreach: Dungeon & Dragons Online, Civilization IV, Lord of The Rings Online, Fury, …

- Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
- The Last Guardian
- Horizon Zero Dawn
- No Man's Sky (console exclusive)
- Dreams
- Street Fighter V (console exclusive)
- Ratchet and Clank reboot

But how would investors feel about their money being burned? It has to be the king, it has to be the iPhone of the market. Otherwise, we can write it off as a failure.

The one other thing you can do on the site presently is browse the company’s Careers page , which advertises more than 250 job openings. I guess they have to spend all that money somehow.

Not only could this pattern work in tech, in some sectors it’s already the norm. Google has acquired at least 211 startups since 2001 . IAC has owned the online dating space from and has bought up many of the 45 sub-brands that make up its portfolio.

Rony Playstation - FunkonautRony Playstation - FunkonautRony Playstation - FunkonautRony Playstation - Funkonaut