Marina & the diamonds - electra heart

What did they get up to? Just normal every day things like getting a bite to eat, soaking up the sun and buying friendship bracelets. “I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see this Angel,” Lana captioned a post. “I don’t even have the right words to explain how good it was to see her!” Apart from hanging with old friends, the dream-pop goddess is gearing up to release new LP, Lust For Life . It still doesn’t have an official release date, but is rumored to arrive this month. Catch up on their reunion below.

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Diamandis's debut single "Obsessions" was released on 14 February 2009 through Neon Gold Records, [21] while her first extended play The Crown Jewels EP followed on 1 June. [22] That summer, she performed at BBC Radio 1 's Big Weekend, [23] the Glastonbury Festival , [24] and the Reading and Leeds Festivals . [25] She also performed at iTunes Live, releasing a second EP in July 2009 of performances from that festival. [26]

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Chilly Gonzales made a "stripped-down" remix of the song, for which Dan Knight filmed a video. Knight wanted his video to be the opposite of Burza's "super high glossy" work and to instead have the appearance of 1980s performances on programmes such as Top of the Pops . In his video, Gonzales and Diamandis perform on a fictional Estonian programme called Pop! , complete with subtitles in the nation's language. [15]

Marina and the Diamonds combines self-styled DIY artistry, retro and pop-culture influences, black humour, and effortless spectral vocals to weave a deeply personal narrative that has given her a large and fiercely loyal fan base. Her album, The Family Jewels, was certified Gold and gained Marina a grand international following. Electra Heart, Marina's second album, was an instant UK , generating over 3 million single sales. Combined with her stellar tours, Marina is soaring towards becoming the "great artist" she has always aspired to be.

There’s a reason fans have been begging for “Disconnect” for two years. It is infinitely relatable and perfectly complements their unique talents. Marina’s knack for razor-sharp lyrics and misery-pop shines through, while Clean Bandit’s impeccably arranged synths and strings ebb and flow perfectly. I’m not sure if this is a single or simply a random gift, but it has serious potential. (Imagine the video!) Listen to the sublime bop below.

Marina & The Diamonds - Electra HeartMarina & The Diamonds - Electra HeartMarina & The Diamonds - Electra HeartMarina & The Diamonds - Electra Heart