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The log is a totally-ordered, append-only data structure. It’s a powerful yet simple abstraction—a sequence of immutable events. It’s something that programmers ...

If you aren’t sure whether or not you should invest twenty five bucks in a scale, the first thing you should ask yourself is “how often do I have to convert recipes?” If it’s something you never do, you probably don’t need one. But if you spend any time at all Googling things like how many ounces are in a cup of flour , you may want to think about it. Especially considering the number one search result for that question is the wrong answer.

7 . Entertainment Tonight
7:30 . Entertainment Tonight Canada
8 . Superstore
8:30 . The Good Place
9 . Will & Grace
9:30 . Great News
10 . Chicago Fire / .
11:35 . The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

While £ may seem steep, we're intrigued about what kind of discounts we can get on our next GBK. Especially now that Byron have just unveiled their new super cheesy Christmas burger.

HOW WILL I KNOW HOW TO MAKE THE SOULBOOK?  There are instructions and supply lists in the printable PDF and in the Workbook. In addition, you can watch the online class videos in Brave Girl University for FREE . In these videos, Melody will show you exactly how to make your SoulBook, and you’ll see examples of other people making theirs in a wide variety of ways. You’ll see how easy (and fun) it is. 🙂

The Great Divide - Brave The SpacesThe Great Divide - Brave The SpacesThe Great Divide - Brave The SpacesThe Great Divide - Brave The Spaces