Various - toho eurobeat ex - the legendary bouts instrumental

By 1954, Suzuki was producing 6,000 motorcycles per month and had officially changed its name to Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. Following the success of its first motorcycles ...

In 1998, Bemani, a branch of the video game company Konami made a hit video dance machine, Dance Dance Revolution . The game acquired Eurobeat songs from the Dancemania compilation series from Toshiba EMI . Over time, DDR has featured Eurobeat songs on-and-off in their songlists. However, their number has dwindled due to efforts to make DDR more marketable to North American markets. [ citation needed ] Currently, there has been a push to add more Eurobeat into DDR, most recently with the addition of Super Eurobeat tracks in the latest arcade release, Dance Dance Revolution X2 . Other music games in Konami's lineup feature a large number of Eurobeat tracks, including Beatmania , Beatmania IIDX , and jubeat . The popularity of the genre also led Konami to create a Para Para game; ParaParaParadise .

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Based in Gurgaon , Harayana , Maruti Suzuki India Limited is an Indian automobile manufacturer that is a subsidiary of Japanese automaker Suzuki Motor Corporation. [183] Maruti Suzuki produced 1,133,695 units between 1 April 2011 and 30 March 2012. [184] The Suzuki Motor Corporation owns % of Maruti Suzuki and the rest is owned by various Indian public and financial institutions. The company was incorporated in 1981 and is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India . [185]

Various - Toho Eurobeat Ex - The Legendary Bouts InstrumentalVarious - Toho Eurobeat Ex - The Legendary Bouts InstrumentalVarious - Toho Eurobeat Ex - The Legendary Bouts Instrumental