Lily allen - the ska

Like the interviews that have heralded its release, It's Not Me, It's You is marked by an audible desire to move on, if not to a job in a cake shop, then certainly to a greater degree of maturity than her debut Alright, Still. At its worst, Allen's desire to be taken seriously has led her to write a couple of galumphing songs about current affairs, or in the case of Fuck You - which shakes a world united in praise for George Bush with the suggestion his administration wasn't much cop - not-so-current-affairs. Elsewhere, however, the decisions she's made are audibly good ones: tone down the vocals' tendency to mannered gorblimey, but retain her debut's inarguable melodies; abandon the much-mimicked old ska and soul samples. In the latter's place come adept, witty, synthesised pastiches of genres including country, folk (Him borrows the guitar figure from Nico's Jackson Browne-penned These Days) and Britpop, of both the piano-pounding early Supergrass and post-Kinks oompah-oompah varieties. Best of all may be Never Gonna Happen, an electronic imagining of an Abba-quality 70s Eurovision entry with a particularly spectacular chorus. Most shameless is Who'd Have Known, mimicking Take That's Shine so obviously that it's a miracle it made it on to the album. That it did is probably down to the lyric's lovely, evocative depiction of a relationship in first blush, when "even though it's moving forward, there's just the right amount of awkward."

In 2009, Allen announced that she would be taking a hiatus from musical activities. The following year, she opened a fashion rental shop named Lucy in Disguise with her sister Sarah, [5] followed by the 2011 launching of her own record label. [6] In 2013, Allen revealed that she had begun working on her third studio album Sheezus . On 20 June 2012, Allen tweeted that she was in the studio working with Greg Kurstin on new music. [7] [8] She changed her professional name from Lily Allen to Lily Rose Cooper. [9] In August 2013, she changed her professional name back to Lily Allen and tweeted new music would be arriving "soon". [10]

Lily Allen - The SkaLily Allen - The SkaLily Allen - The SkaLily Allen - The Ska