Spike jones - spike jones is murdering the pops

They crossed the Mediterranean and landed at Alexandria in Egypt before moving on to Cairo . While Professor Jones lectured at the university , Miss Seymour took Indiana to see the Great Pyramids but hadn't paid their guide enough. He stole their camels as they scaled one of the ancient structures and left them stranded. Alone and unsure what to do next, the appearance of a figure heading in their direction on a bicycle surprised Miss Seymour as she recognized he was an old acquaintance of hers: Thomas Edward Lawrence .

Though bands that played "corny" had been successful before he leapt to national fame (most notably Freddie Fisher & the Schnickelfritzers and the Hoosier Hot Shots ), Jones ' musical vision also encompassed a total assault against the conventions of general show-business pomposity. Whatever the newest fad (current singing stars, radio, television, and movie personalities), if Jones could figure a way to ridicule it for the "this month's flavor" shallowness of it all, the City Slickers torch was duly applied. And once you heard Jones ' version of the tune, you could never go back and take any of those idols of the moment quite as seriously as you might have before. Although parodies of pop music continued to proliferate ( Weird Al Yankovic is probably the closest modern-day equivalent, although he's closer in style to an Allan Sherman ; he sings funny lyrics to normal songs, he doesn't play them funny), the simple fact remains that Spike Jones & His City Slickers did it better than anyone before or since.

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Jones finished his career with 224 receptions for 4,986 yards, an average of yards per catch, and 38 touchdowns (36 receiving, one rushing, one kick return). His yard per catch ranks number one for all NFL players in a career with at least 200 receptions.

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Spike Jones - Spike Jones Is Murdering The PopsSpike Jones - Spike Jones Is Murdering The PopsSpike Jones - Spike Jones Is Murdering The PopsSpike Jones - Spike Jones Is Murdering The Pops