Screaming" viktor & the heartattacks - good rockin' mama / champion of the blues

Viktor sees him through the large picture windows of a hotel restaurant and bar. He’s sitting with maybe four or five other people, all of them business casual like they’ve just gotten off work. It’s seven PM on a Friday, so that’s very likely the case. It’s also the Friday before Christmas. The lights on Woodward are casting festive shadows and Yuuri is wearing a large and comfortable sweater. There are poinsettias along the bartop every six feet or so. A large artificial Christmas Tree has been set up in one corner of the sparsely populated restaurant. 

Down in Hell, Eugene comes face-to-face with Adolf Hitler. As soon as he does, the rest of the cells open and everyone walks out. Eugene tries to stand up to a man bullying an old woman, but when he calls him out, he simply shifts his focus. Adolf gets him to back down, but before he can do anything, a siren goes off.