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Teixeira and Sluijter (2006) stated that intra-discal RF, with the electrode placed in the center of the nucleus pulposus, has been a controversial procedure in patients with discogenic pain.  These researchers examined the effect of high-voltage, long-duration intra-discal PRF in patients with 1-level discogenic LBP (n = 8), as confirmed by discography.  The pain intensity score on a 0 to 10 Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) was used as outcome measure.  The mean duration of pain was years (range of  to 16 years, median of 4 years).  The mean NRS score was (range of 5 to 9).  Disc height was reduced 60 % in 1 patient and up to 30 % in the remaining subjects.  A 15-cm, 20-G needle with a 15-mm active tip was placed centrally in the disc.  Pulsed radiofrequency was applied for 20 mins at a setting of 2 x 20 ms/s and 60 V.  There was a very significant drop in the NRS scores over the first 3 months (p < ).  On an individual basis, all patients had a fall of the NRS score of at least 4 points at the 3-month follow-up.  A follow-up of months (range of 6 to 25 months, median of 9 months) was available for 5 patients.  All these patients are now pain-free, except for 1 patient with an NRS score of 2.  The authors concluded that this method merits a controlled, prospective study.

My name is Gloria, I am 80 years old, but I am not a helpless old lady! I found my rebirth in yoga with the help of my beautiful grandchildren.

Hollander and her husband applied to be legal guardians for the girl and helped her get SIJ status. As a result, she can legally live and work in the United States; she is now a college student.

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Tensions arose again during the late 1970s, fueled by Sikh claims of discrimination and marginalisation by the Hindu-dominated Indian National Congress party and tactics adopted by the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi . According to Katherine Frank, [39] [ not in citation given ] Indira Gandhi's assumption of emergency powers in 1975 resulted in the weakening of the "legitimate and impartial machinery of government," and her increasing "paranoia" about opposing political groups led her to institute a "despotic policy of playing castes, religions and political groups against each other for political advantage." [ citation needed ] Sikh leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale articulated Sikh demands for justice, and this triggered violence in the Punjab. The prime minister's 1984 defeat of Bhindranwale led to an attack on the Golden Temple in Operation Blue Star and to her assassination by her Sikh bodyguards. [40] Gandhi's assassination resulted in an explosion of violence against Sikh communities and the killing of thousands of Sikhs throughout India. Since 1984, relations between Sikhs and Hindus have moved toward a rapprochement aided by economic prosperity. However, a 2002 claim by the Hindu right-wing Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) that "Sikhs are Hindus" disturbed Sikh sensibilities. [41] The Khalistan movement campaigns for justice for the victims of the violence, and for the political and economic needs of the Punjab. [42]

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You Decide… Hello again, and welcome to another ‘Freedom by Friday’, and this week’s letter is unique in that it has two endings, and you can decide which ending we have! Okay, I’ll begin with a true story… Once upon a time, there was this guy who was a health fanatic, and he saw the […]

SiJ - There Is No Life Without LoveSiJ - There Is No Life Without LoveSiJ - There Is No Life Without LoveSiJ - There Is No Life Without Love