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Thank you for the advance notice. I recently visited The Getty in December, but did not visit the Villa due to weather. As I am in LA a couple of times a year, thought I would visit the Vlilla in the spring/summer. Will now put off the visit until the full reopening. Hopefully the opening will be on schedule, unlike the years it took for the L’Orangerie in Paris.

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In regions on the Continent, aristocrats and territorial magnates donated large working villas and overgrown abandoned ones to individual monks ; these might become the nuclei of monasteries . In this way, the Italian villa system of late Antiquity survived into the early Medieval period in the form of monasteries that withstood the disruptions of the Gothic War (535–554) and the Lombards . About 529 Benedict of Nursia established his influential monastery of Monte Cassino in the ruins of a villa at Subiaco that had belonged to Nero .

In 2010, we will be adding another link to the site, Hire-it-on-Holiday which aims to offer you, the holidaymaker additional items that may be hired in our villas to make your stay that extra bit special. From Additional Electric Fans (there are generally two in the villa so ask if you are not sure), to Heaters (for those very odd weeks that are cold in the Low Season, to Games Consoles, to Baby Items (Pushchairs/Buggies, Baby Walkers, Additional Cots/High Chairs as again there is usually one of each at the villa, Room/Stair Gates, Sterlisers etc) to 'Enabling Iems' like Wheelchairs, to Bikes, we aim to offer the lot. If you have any needs that we have not covered simply ask when enquiring or booking with us

Villa Coco’s 4 bedroom villa is the perfect retreat for larger groups, friends or big families. Upon stepping into this ..

Although frescoes appear to exist as a single layer on a wall, they are actually created in multiple layers in a way that makes the artwork part of the wall itself. True fresco is made by beginning with several coats of plaster—usually two rough coats that are allowed to dry and harden, and a third, smooth one. Dry pigments mixed with water are painted on while the third coat is still wet. As this uppermost layer dries, the painting becomes part of the wall, creating a durable surface that can last for hundreds, indeed thousands, of years, unlike an oil painting on canvas, for example, which can easily peel or chip. The Villa of the Mysteries has dozens of frescoed walls, almost all of which need attention, according to Vanacore.

This is the homepage for the Villa Nova Ristorante , a family owned restaurant on the Worthington/Clintonville border. They serve up homemade, traditional italian ...

Various - At The Villa Laurence - Music From The Club 2Various - At The Villa Laurence - Music From The Club 2Various - At The Villa Laurence - Music From The Club 2Various - At The Villa Laurence - Music From The Club 2