Lvzbel - tentaciones

This label also has valuable material rescued from the Mexican rock culture, as the disc's Top Lucifer (EP recorded in 1983 and edited until 1995) and has launched the careers of great bands like Transmetal and Leprosy currently have international fame and groups have shared the stage with the likes of Morbid Angel, Carcass, Rata Blanca, Motörhead, etc. Another major contribution was the reissue of all the albums of Three Souls in My Mind Alejandro Lora band exchange after the name of El Tri. The most outstanding product of this company was, at the time, the double-plate edition of the legendary Avándaro Festival (the Mexican version of Woodstock), which brings together the best of the golden age of Mexican Rock in its infancy (Enigma, The revolution of Emiliano Zapata, and the aforementioned dugs Dug Three Souls in My Mind. In 2007, Records and Tapes Denver, launches Immortal Dynasty, First and Second Act, two compilation albums with the best of the Mexican gothic metal bands. Thus this record becomes the most important and prominent support for the goth metal scene in recent years, launching first Anabantha entire discography and a live album and DVD, filmed in Mexico City Zócalo and then signing Four of the 10 groups Immortal Dynasty: Tragic Ballet (Irapuato, GTO.) Morante (band) (Mexico City), Erszebeth (Mexico City) and Nuits Eternelles (San Pablo A., Tlaxcala), recording and releasing record of these productions. In 2008 Immortal Dynasty launches third with 10 bands. In 2009 he released the records of the bands Requiem (band) (Matehuala, San Luis Potosi) and the Fortaleza (Veracruz) every time a band that more and ba grres Death Valley (band) (Monterrey) involved in the new dynasty. Also the new album comes Anabantha: Blood Brothers. Also upcoming is the release of the DVD and CD Immortal Dynasty Live recorded at Circo Volador, and the fourth act of this recording project.

Lvzbel - TentacionesLvzbel - TentacionesLvzbel - TentacionesLvzbel - Tentaciones